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  • Jennifer Jackson

The Importance of Resilience

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

When first time mom A.H. came across Resilient Families, the first thing that peaked her interest was the word "resilient." Her curiosity to pursue the program was personal, but also professional, as she holds a career working with families. To her, the word "resilient" is a strong word, and she sees how being resilient plays a huge role with the families she works with.

The structure of the Resilient Families program and the way the topics were broken down really impressed A.H. Specifically, A.H. mentioned the mindfulness section and the exercises that went along with it. She felt that the different activities appealed to different learning styles, resulting in “another layer of richness.” During a session, students are taught a concept and also given the opportunity to reflect and practice what they learned. Being given the time and opportunity to practice and put these new concepts to work was extremely valuable to A.H.

As a new mother, Resilient Families gave A.H. a chance to reflect on her own upbringing and take a look back at the parenting style of her parents. By doing this, A.H. has been able to use some of what she learned from her parents, but she has also felt free to change some things to better suit her and her own family. The concept of listening with your heart was something A.H. has taken with her and applied with her young son so that she can create a nurturing environment for him. She feels that by creating a loving home for her son, she will continue to be his anchor and safe place.

Overall, Resilient Families has taught A.H. to be more patient and more intentional when it comes to giving her son her full attention. Taking the time to stop and connect with her son for a few moments has decreased his tantrums and taught him to be respectful of the times when mom needs to work.

A.H. believes that the program has helped strengthen her relationship with her son, and in turn gave him the confidence and willingness to connect with other family members. Most importantly, A.H. has learned to be kind to herself throughout her parenting journey.

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