Mindfulness-based, trauma-informed parenting programs.

Learn how to strengthen your family's resilience.

Community led programs where parents receive community support, tools to empower your child, stress management tips, and guidance on the next chapter of your motherhood journey.

Classes for Parents

Support Groups

Monthly support groups (separate for mothers and fathers). This is a safe and compassionate space to connect with other parents, recharge, and discuss issues that are important to you.

Godmother Project

Godmothers are women with older children, whose mission is to support and encourage the mothers in the program.

The godmothers remain present in the mother’s life for one year.

Receive FREE classes and one full year of support


We are a family strengthening program that promotes intergenerational healing, family wellbeing and resilience in families in the South County area of Santa Clara County.

Neighbor-to-neighbor parent education system.

We believe that when children feel safe, secure and loved, they can be more successful in developing a peaceful heart and a strong and flexible mind.

Resilient Families Gilroy was founded in October 2017 by Ana Morante, LMFT, CFLE in collaboration with Sacred Heart Community Service Agency of San Jose and St. Mary’s Parish in Gilroy.


"I used to get frustrated really easily, I used to get really upset over my limits.

I realized that things don't really have to be complicated. It's been good to implement patience at my home, and it gives you a different perspective."


6 Habits of Resilience

Parents learn to use mindfulness and self-compassion practices to manage stress and promote habits of resilience in daily family routines. Resilient Families Parent Education Programs utilize the science of early child development, neurobiology, and resilience to empower families to help their children build a more peaceful heart and strong and flexible mind.

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