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  • Ariana Cvitanic

Why Have Support Groups?

Our Resilient Families Classes run for six weeks. So what happens after participants graduate from the class?

Resilient Families Gilroy has found that it is crucial to continue providing ongoing support to parents following the completion of their classes. Imagine, being in a great group of people for six weeks straight, and then suddenly that support and trust you have built together just stops.

That is why we offer the support groups, as a way for participants to continue to receive support and make connections with other parents that have gone through the program as well.

We often feel like we do not want to burden others with our problems, but the support groups offer the safe space needed to unload and press the refresh button.

Support groups are conducted by one of our Promotoras, the teachers of the classes. In this way, they are able to review one of the skills learned from the classes and discuss how the habit can continued to be practiced, even after the classes have ended.

So, in short, why have support groups? Because parents need them. We all need ongoing, consistent, reliable support we can count on when times are rough or when times are great. We all need a reminder that we can get through anything, together.

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