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  • Ariana Cvitanic

Parenting Classes Can Strengthen Partnerships Too

“It was one of the most intimate moments we shared in over the 15 years we have been married.”

One of our mothers who recently graduated from the classes for parents with babies was able to practice the habits of resilience she had learned with not just her baby, but also with her husband.

Mother and father have been in the process of moving, and they had not taken time to emotionally connect in a while. Wife asked husband for a hug, realizing she was needing help regulating her stress. Husband hugged wife, and they took the opportunity to check in with each other. What started as a quick hug led to ten minutes of deep emotional checking in, as they shared with each other how they had been feeling and how they can best support one another during this stressful time. Mother even practiced the baby massage she learned from our class on her husband, massaging his face and around his eyebrows, attempting to melt away the tension both physically and emotionally.

Thanks to the habits of resilience she learned from the class, like Compassionate Listening with Heart and the Anchor of Emotional Presence, resilient mother was able to show up as resilient wife for her husband. This goes to show that we are not only equipping parents with the skills to be better for their children, but also to show up better for each other. Talk about a resilient partnership!

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